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BlueSky Hang Gliding owner, Steve Wendt,  has passed away.
It is with great sadness to inform all of you that the owner of Blue Sky Hang Gliding has passed away.  Steve Wendt was my friend and hang gliding instructor.  This website will remain active until such time as it is no longer needed.  All items shown on the website are still for sale.  The phone number is still active and being answered to purchase available equipment.  Thank everyone for all these years of supporting Blue Sky Hang Gliding.


Doug Perkins

Website Developer
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Watch our multiple videos below to see our hang gliding program in action
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Check out these videos created by our own Chris Donahue with his Flying Camera to capture some unique in flight video......Just watch and enjoy!!!!!

Blue Sky 2014 from Chris Donahue on Vimeo.

Your Dream of Flight is Here
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Watch Nano Ogura's hang gliding journey
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Watch Steve Wendt take a powered flight using the Swedish Aerosport Mosquito NRG harness while flying a Wills Wing Falcon 3 195 wing


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Blue Sky Flight Park

Blue Sky Flight Park is your full time, full service hang gliding flight park located less than 30 minutes ENE of Richmond, Virginia.     Towing is the main way to launch on the flat lands and Blue Sky offers a variety
of ways to become airborne. Beginner through advanced pilots can have fun flying over the scenic country landscape. Flights of over 6 hours duration, 9000 feet of altitude, and distances of 50 miles have been flown.



Steve Wendt brings over 47 years of teaching and flight experience to the program. The USHGA awarded Steve the 2004 Instructor of the Year for his efforts and most recently the 2007 NAA safety award.  Steve is a certified USHGA advanced instructor and tandem instructor. Steve flies unpowered and powered hang gliders, trikes and 3-axis fixed wing aircraft.   The instructional program is one of the best in the country and is available year round, 7 days a week, weather permitting.





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Beginner Hang Gliding Lessons
  Beginning hang gliding students will fly in their first lesson at
5 to 10 feet above
the ground with the Blue Sky 'Low and Slow'
scooter towing methods developed by Steve Wendt. Large and
forgiving training gliders let you begin safely. The feeling of
floating just above the ground for hundreds of feet is something
you'll never forget.  On the first day you will go through a basic
ground school and equipment orientation.  You will learn how to
hold and run with the glider while keeping your body in the proper position to control the gliders balance for proper speed and
directional control.  Steve won't let you get higher until you
master the basic skills.  Plus, no carrying the glider back up
the hill.  Scooter tow training allows you to fly over.....

..... flat ground.  Fatigue is minimal while the fun meter is max.
Lessons are generally taught in the early morning while the air near
the ground is calm.  If you decide that becoming a more serious hang glider pilot is your dream, Blue Sky can take you there at whatever
pace fits your schedule and finances. It takes about 12 to 15 lessons
to graduate to 1000 foot altitudes , but you simply fly higher based on your comfort level and skills you develop, safety first! You
can purchase individual lessons, or pay in advance for packages of lessons that can save you money.  So, make your dream of flight a reality with Blue Sky.


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Blue Sky has a variety of flight activities

Scooter Towing
Platform Truck Towing
towing releases
Hill Launching
Powered Trike Service
Powered HG Harnesses
Custom Gear
Camping and Fun



Blue Sky
PO Box 221
Manquin, VA  23106

We are located next to Queenfield Golf Course, which has a physical address of
1896 Dabneys Mill Road, Manquin, Va  23106
GPS or MapQuest is rarely a favorable way of finding us.
Click 'Directions' at the top of the Home Page to find us.
But if you must, our GPS coordinates are..........
N  37  42  38      -      W  77  12  03

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